The $20 Dollar Trick Still Works In Las Vegas

Does the $20 Trick work in Las Vegas?

The $20 Dollar Trick is a classic tip for getting free room upgrades in Las Vegas.

Have you ever heard of the $20 Trick? If you haven’t, it’s when you give 20 dollars to the front desk agent at check-in and ask them for something in return.

Even though it sounds too good to be true, the $20 dollar trick works, and you might be surprised at what you can get.

The $20 trick is a very small investment that will usually result in a free room upgrade.

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    What is the $20 Trick in Vegas?

    The $20 dollar trick is one of the classic tips that you’ll hear from Vegas veterans. The twenty-dollar bill has been a mythical sort of secret weapon in Las Vegas for decades.

    Just mention it on a message board and you’ll get dozens of posts from people who swear by its powers on everything from complimentary suite upgrades to waived resort fees and everything in-between.

    The $20 trick is when you give a $20 tip to the front desk agent at check-in and ask for something in return.

    So it’s not exactly magic, but the trick can be an effective way of getting something extra from casinos. While this tip has gotten less effective over time, it’s just as popular as ever.

    How do you do the $20 trick?

    The 20 dollar trick is simple. When you check into your hotel, sandwich a $20 in-between your credit card and ID and hand it to the front desk agent and ask, “Are there any complimentary upgrades?” or “Is there a complimentary suite upgrade available?”

    That’s all there is to it.

    While 20 dollars may not seem like much of an incentive anymore, some casinos still do this as a courtesy. The $20 trick will never hurt your chances of getting something extra, even if it’s not what you were hoping for.

    Does the $20 trick still work in Vegas?

    That depends where you are, but most of the time, it does.

    Most users at have reported upgrades to rooms with better views in 2021, but occasionally a wild upgrade is reported.

    For example, Nikki did the $20 Trick at Venetian and received an insane upgrade! She reported, “I was hoping for a really high floor with a great view… maybe some restaurant vouchers? But a minute later, she showed me some pictures on an iPad and asked what I thought of the room. I thought she was kidding. It was MONSTROUS…The suite was 1500 square feet with an additional 400 square foot private terrace, complete with seating for 8-12 and a huge stone fireplace.”

    $20 Trick in Las Vegas

    Another story shared that they were comped a $200 bar tab from the Bikini Bar at Delano.

    The $20 Trick is a great first gamble in Las Vegas. After all, in Las Vegas, $20 bucks isn’t a considerable amount to lose, but if you get lucky, you may live the VIP life on your next stay.

    What should you expect from the $20 Trick in 2021?

    It mainly depends on the property, but an upgraded Strip View is pretty standard. The most important thing is to keep your expectations low and hope for a bit of luck.

    Here are some tips to get a free room upgrade with the $20 Trick:

    1. Book directly with the hotel. Most hotels do not allow complimentary room upgrades for rooms booked on a third-party website.
    2. Stay at a hotel that is friendly to the $20 Trick. Visit to see a list of the most successful hotels.
    3. Be extraordinarily polite to your front desk agent. Your agent will deal with a lot of people checking in every day. Being kind is an excellent way to stand out. 
    Does the $20 Trick work in Las Vegas?

    The $20 dollar trick is a great way to get something extra from casinos. It’s not always guaranteed, but it never hurts your chances of getting something for free – even if it’s just 20 bucks! The $20 Trick will never hurt your chances of getting an upgrade or comped drinks while you’re in Las Vegas.

    In our minds, the $20 Trick is worth the gamble every time. At worst, you’re tipping your front desk agent $20. But in most cases, you will get an upgrade or your money back. 

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