David Copperfield Las Vegas Review & What You Need To Know

David Copperfield Las Vegas

The David Copperfield Las Vegas magic show performs at the David Copperfield Theater at MGM Grand Resort & Casino on the south end of The Strip. David Copperfield is a master magician and known as one of the greatest illusionists of our time. Be prepared for a show full of great illusions and performances.

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  • Seeing a legend perform his craft like David Copperfield is awesome
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  • Tickets are expensive

David Copperfield Show Guide

The David Copperfield show is an excellent magic performance. Copperfield has so many tricks up its sleeve to impress you. Some of the tricks are classic, and others are unique twists on old favorites. You never know what to expect, so it’s hard not to be amazed!

David Copperfield show times:
The show runs nightly with two show times at 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM.

Where is the David Copperfield show?
The show is located at MGM Grand Resort & Casino in David Copperfield Theatre at 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

How much are tickets to David Copperfield?
Prices start at $89 with various upgrade options.

How long is the David Copperfield?
The length is 70 minutes without intermission.

David Copperfield parking info:
MGM Grand charges for parking. Valet parking costs $18-$30 and self-parking is $12-$15.

Additional Info: Children must be over the age of five to attend this show. Cameras and recording devices are not allowed during the show.

From $49/night

David Copperfield Las Vegas Review

David Copperfield takes classic magic tricks and adds his twist to make it a unique experience. It was incredible watching such a skilled entertainer up close. As someone who loved magic shows growing up, I can enjoy the expertise it takes to pull off a trick that has been performed many times.  

Beyond the usual tricks that are performed, he incorporates some of his famous illusions. Of course, the tricks are performed on a smaller scale. However, the tricks are nonetheless impressive and will leave you amazed. 

Part of what makes this activity so enticing are the stories told by David Copperfield throughout the show. While he’s stunning you with magic that will make you ask, “Is this real?” he’ll be detailing stories of his achievements and experiences. 

Audience participation is considerable at each show. There’s a chance to be called on stage – or have a friend, or family member called on stage during the performance. Each time you’re lulled into a false sense of security, you’ll see someone sawed in half or another dangerous stunt.

Even if you’ve been to a magic show or a David Copperfield show before, I highly recommend attending this David Copperfield Las Vegas show. He is known to tweak his performances randomly, meaning there’s a high possibility of seeing a different show each time you watch. This is true for those who have purchased tickets for two shows in the same week. 

David Copperfield Theater

Part of the appeal of the David Copperfield show is the smaller theater that the shows are performed in. The interior of the venue is intentionally kept cozy to allow viewers to see his magic up close and personal. Not only this, but it allows for those attending to feel more included in the show. 

Often when theaters are larger for magic shows, it can feel impersonal or cold. You feel as if you’re right in the middle of the action here. This is especially true if you opt for stage-side seating.

Both tables and chairs are available inside the theater, making ordering drinks during the show easy. Food is not available during the show. However, there are plenty of restaurant options both along the Las Vegas Strip and inside the MGM Grand.

Prepare To Be Amazed By David Copperfield 

David Copperfield Las Vegas is a lively show that provides laughs and amazing up-close magic tricks. Prepare yourself for entertainment unlike any you’ve seen before with reimagined classic tricks and in-depth storylines. You’ll be left in disbelief after you’ve seen “David freakin’ Copperfield” performing at the David Copperfield Theatre.

This show will leave you laughing out loud and awestruck throughout. Find the David Copperfield Las Vegas Show at MGM Resorts & Casino on The Strip. Tickets start at $89 per person, and shows run twice a day, every day. Grab your David Copperfield tickets to see the show of a lifetime. 

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