Editorial & Disclosure Policies

Las Vegas Trip is a travel guide and blog that helps people plan their trip to Las Vegas.

We recommend hotels, shows, things to do, and more. Below, you can find more information on our editorial process, including how we choose products and how we may be compensated through our content.

Editorial Process

We are a content-driven platform with the goal of providing information that helps you plan the best Las Vegas experience possible.

We’re committed to providing you with valuable, accurate, and practical information. We do our best to keep our stories updated with current information and links that provide the best resources.

Las Vegas Trip is independently owned and operated by Longshot Media Group.

We are an opinionated publication with our own bias. However, we do not allow brands to influence our reviews. We do not accept money to promote, advertise, or share positive reviews of any casinos, restaurants, shows, or other business. In some instances, brands host us for coverage, this is noted in the review and does not impact our feedback and opinion.

That means brands never influence our reviews, and we strive to give you an unbiased opinion.


We created our own rating system reflecting various criteria we find important. Every metric is rated on a scale of 1-10 and calculated using a weighted average. Our ratings use our own experience, online reviews, and opinions.

For example, the Bellagio Fountains are a free attraction (10 points) that offers a high entertainment value (8 points) in a premier location (10 points) that operates 12 hours a day (7 points) for a weighted average rating of 4.4 stars.

Affiliate Links & Recommendations

We may earn a commission on our articles when readers purchase a product through our links. 

That doesn’t affect which products are included in the articles, and in most cases, our writers are not aware of which brands and products offer us a sales commission. All of the products we highlight are recommended for their quality, performance, and overall reputation regardless of affiliate relationships.

The commissions we make from these articles allow us to pay our writers the best rates possible and to enable us to put as much time and energy into the research and vetting side of the review process. We don’t want to cut corners, and we want to pay writers and gear testers what they’re worth.

We receive complimentary reservations to review directly from brands from time to time. We will always note if the product or service was given to us in the review, though most of the things we review are purchased. Any brands or products that pay for promotion or advertising on the site are considered “Sponsored.”

Affiliate Programs

As an affiliate, LasVegasTrip.com may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from Caesars Rewards, Vegas.com, and other brands.

Our goal is to help readers plan the best Las Vegas trip possible by providing guides, tips, and information. Sometimes that involves recommending hotels, shows, and things to do in which we may get compensated if you purchase through our link.