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Exotics Racing

Exotics Racing is your chance to get behind the wheel of some of the…

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Jeremy Koering

By Jeremy Koering

Updated September 21, 2023

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Exotics Racing is your chance to get behind the wheel of some of the world’s most coveted supercars.

Situated just 20 minutes south of the Las Vegas Strip at SpeedVegas, it’s a must-visit for any car enthusiast or thrill-seeker.

As you arrive, expect to be greeted by a fleet of exotic cars from brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and McLaren, all waiting for you to take them for a spin.

This is not merely about sightseeing; it’s about driving these machines on an exclusive 1.2-mile racetrack designed by racing champions.

With a commitment to safety and service, Exotics Racing ensures you can push the limits of these powerful vehicles in a controlled and safe environment.

So, get ready to redline your adrenaline and make unforgettable memories at Exotics Racing in Las Vegas.


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