Mystère by Cirque du Soleil at Treasure Island

Mystère by Cirque du Soleil at Treasure Island

The human imagination is a wild, vibrant place to be, and Mystère, Cirque du Soleil’s original show, aims to bring the boundless possibilities of imagination to reality. Every person has experienced the desire for their thoughts to become a reality, even if they’re impossible. We ponder the idea of flying or being invincible, and now, guests at Mystère can see what that looks like in real life. 

Mystère at Treasure Island is the show that launched Cirque du Soleil into the stardom of today, so it’s sure to be a memorable experience. Don’t let the limits of the natural world stop you from letting your imagination run wild; see some of the most impressive feats right before your eyes! This show features a range of talented acts that all guarantee to leave your jaw on the floor. 


Price: $81

Show Category

Cirque du Soleil, Production


Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun

7:00 PM, 9:30 PM


Mystère Theatre

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Know Before You Go To Mystère

  • Where is the the show? The show takes place inside the Mystère Theatre at Treasure Island Resort & Casino. Treasure Island offers all guests free parking!
  • How much are tickets? Ticket prices start at $81 per person, and go up depending on the seat selection. 
  • When is the show? Performances run from Friday – Tuesday and there are two shows per night. One show is at 7:00 PM and the other is at 9:30 PM. There are no shows Wednesday and Thursday.
  • How long is the show? The show runs for 90 minutes and there is no intermission. Be sure to use the restrooms before the show so you don’t miss any of the amazing acts!
  • Are there age restrictions? All ages are welcome at Mystère, even babies and toddlers! Children under the age of 1 do not need a ticket if they can sit on an adult’s lap. Children over 1 will need their own ticket to enter the magnificent show.
  • Additional info: The show is full of loud noises, flashing lights, and bouts of darkness, so anyone who may be sensitive to these factors should consider this before purchasing tickets. Mystère merchandise can be purchased at the Mystère Boutique inside Treasure Island Resort.

What to Expect at Mystère

This show is one that really can’t be described. You have to see it! If you’re wondering what to expect…expect the unexpected. You’ll see acrobats twirl around in the air and defy gravity, a giant baby discovering how the world works, comedic acts that twist your imagination, and incredible costumes that tie it all together. 

The show highlights the talents of 67 performers from all over the world. These acts will make you question everything as they make impossible athleticism look easy. However tempting it may be, don’t try to recreate Mystère in your living room. The stars of the show are truly some of the most brilliant artists in the world! If you’re enamored by the individuals and feel the need to meet them, look into the “IN THE WINGS VIP” experience. The VIP experience gives you access to a meet-and-greet, as well as the opportunity to join the cast on stage. 

No matter what tickets you purchase, this will be the best part of your Las Vegas vacation. Careful, your friends might not believe you when you tell them about Mystère, but that’s just a reason to take them in the future! Buy your Mystère tickets today, so you don’t miss out on the chance to witness the unbelievable.