Penn & Teller are a magic duo who have been performing for over four decades. At the Penn and Teller Las Vegas show, you can expect a well-done, jammed-packed magic show. They perform just Off-Strip at the Rio Resort & Casino at the Penn & Teller Theater.

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Penn & Teller




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Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller are a magic duo that has put on a show for nearly 40 years with live performances and TV shows. The Penn & Teller show in Las Vegas is not only entertaining with magic and comedy, but it explains how they do certain tricks during the act.

Maybe you’ve heard of them, perhaps you haven’t—but after going to the Penn & Teller Las Vegas at the Rio Resort & Casino, you’ll surely not forget them! With a nearly 40 year career as a comedy-magic pair, they can give a show to remember.

Penn and Teller are a unique, funny, and compelling duo of well-established magicians with live performances and popular TV shows such as Penn and Teller: Fool Us and a whole host of guest appearances on various programs.

They give the audience mind-boggling and provocative live performances. Talented and seasoned magicians individually, they are even better together. Penn’s hilarious, upbeat oration complements Teller’s amusing facial expressions and silent yet compelling presence.

They will present you with a perfectly and expertly balanced show between comedy and magic, with a little bit of music thrown in throughout.

They’ve mastered many tricks in their long, successful career performing together as a pair, which started in the 1970s. Even more, their Las Vegas headlining career is impressive—they’ve been performing at the same hotel, the Rio Resort & Casino, since 2001.

The Penn & Teller show in Las Vegas won’t disappoint—it’s a classic show in town for a reason!

They have a unique approach to putting on a magic show. You’ll see the sleight of hand and other classic moves, but you’ll also experience their trademark, which is very unusual among magicians: they will explain how they do certain tricks. That has led them to be seen as the “bad boys of magic” by some.

However, the teasing giveaways won’t keep you from being constantly in awe of their magic—you’ll be glued to your seats during the 90-minute act.

You can also look forward to a wholesome and typically family-friendly performance. The show is interactive, as Penn and Teller will invite audience members on stage during the show. The intimate Penn & Teller Theater heightens the interactive element.

You can expect a well-done, jammed-packed magic show, except with the added twist of two performers with widely different dynamics that somehow go well together.

Penn & Teller’s shows feature many tricks, keeping the show quick to match Penn’s consistent chatter.

If you browse Yelp or other sites for reviews of Penn & Teller Las Vegas, you’ll find a heap of positive and satisfied reviews.

Countless descriptions like “mind-blowing” and “talented showmen” pop out with just a quick look, in addition to many past audience members sharing their “how in the world..?” moments throughout the show. Additionally, many people comment how they appreciate the wholesome and kid-friendly approach to this Downtown Las Vegas show.

Here’s just one review from TripAdvisor:

“The tricks are amazing and they even show you how they do a few of them. And after the show, they hang around outside and sign autographs and take pictures with every fan. Very humble and loveable people. A must-see!”

Outside the theater, there is a bar for drinks and snacks to enjoy before and during the show. And, as the above-mentioned review (and many, many others) say, one of the highlights is Penn and Teller’s generosity in staying after the show ends for free pictures and autographs. This is especially great for die-hard fans.

With tickets starting at $79, Penn & Teller are well worth it if you’re looking for a magic show in Las Vegas. You’ll still be thinking about the illusions long after the show has ended.

Assuredly, the audience will be full of committed fans from their long-running career together, but newcomers will surely be entertained too. You can buy tickets to Penn and Teller Las Vegas here. Check them out before they’re gone!

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Penn & Teller is located at Rio, which is off-Strip. Rio is one of the top hotels off-Strip in Las Vegas.



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