Silverton Casino Las Vegas

Silverton Las Vegas

Silverton Casino Las Vegas is Off-Strip in Las Vegas. A room at Silverton costs $49/night plus taxes and fees–check current rates here.

Silverton Las Vegas is home to Bass Pro Shops and Mermaids. Silverton is about 15 minutes from The Strip and 25 minutes from Downtown.

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Silverton Casino Las Vegas Guide

Where is Silverton?
The resort is located Off-Strip at 3333 Blue Diamond Road Las Vegas, NV 89139.

How much is the resort fee at Silverton?
The resort fee is $19/night plus tax.

How much does parking cost at Silverton?
Everyone receives free parking.

What are food prices like?
Silverton has a wide variety of restaurants. You should expect to spend at least $10-$20 per meal (without alcoholic drinks).

What are drink prices like?
You should expect to spend at least $7 per cocktail and $3 per beer at Silverton.

What is the casino vibe like?
Silverton has a typical locals casino atmosphere–not too loud, not too boring. The lowest table minimum is $5.