Las Vegas Resort Fees (Updated December 2024)

The average Las Vegas resort fee is $37/night. See the current resort fees at every major Vegas resort. Plus, get tips to avoid paying resort fees.

Jeremy Koering

By Jeremy Koering

Updated September 22, 2023

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It’s no secret–Las Vegas resort fees suck. The average resort fee is $37/night.

These pesky fees can add up if you stay in Vegas for three or four nights.

In this article, I’ll share everything you need to know about Las Vegas resort fees, ways you can avoid paying them, and provide the current resort fee at every major Vegas resort.

What are resort fees in Las Vegas?

Resort fees are a daily fee that Las Vegas hotels charge on top of the room rate.

Essentially, these fees are an additional cost that you’ll need to account for when budgeting for your trip.

They cover a range of amenities and services that the hotel offers such as Wi-Fi, access to the fitness center, local phone calls, and sometimes even a newspaper.

However, the specifics can vary from one hotel to another. So, while you might be initially drawn in by the seemingly affordable room rates, don’t forget to factor in these resort fees to get a true picture of what you’ll be paying.

Below we have up-to-date resort fees for all of resorts and hotels in Vegas.

Las Vegas Hotels Without Resort Fees

If you’re looking for a hotel in Las Vegas without a resort fee, you have very limited options.

There are currently three hotels in Las Vegas that do not charge a resort fee.

Hotels With No Resort Fee

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Current Las Vegas Resort Fees

The average resort fee in Las Vegas is $37. Hotels are constantly changing the price of the fees, so the average resort fee may change.

Las Vegas Strip Resort Fees

If you’re staying on The Strip, you’re going to pay a resort fee.

The daily fee range from $30-$50 per night at all hotels with one exception–Best Western Casino Royale.

Here are the current Las Vegas Strip resort fees:

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Downtown Vegas Resort Fees

Resort fees are significantly cheaper downtown, ranging $15-$35 per night.

There are two Downtown Vegas hotels that do not charge resort fees–Binion’s and Four Queens.

Here are the current Downtown Vegas resort fees:

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Off-Strip Las Vegas Resort Fees

Nearly every hotel off-Strip have resort fees. The most expensive is over $50/night at Red Rock Casino and Green Valley Ranch.

Here are the current resort fees in Las Vegas:

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Can I refuse to pay resort fees?

You can ask to refuse to pay resort fees, but you will likely be charged the fee regardless.

Most hotels in Las Vegas, and other places with similar practices, make resort fees a mandatory part of your stay.

They are typically non-negotiable and are applied per room and per night.

If you choose not to use the amenities covered by the fee, unfortunately, you’re generally still required to pay it.

It’s always worth asking the hotel directly if they can waive the fee, but be prepared that the answer is usually ‘no’.

How do I avoid paying resort fees?

The main way to avoid paying resort fees in Vegas is gambling.

Many casino rewards programs have perks like no resort fees and free parking for players with status.

For example, I have Diamond status at Caesars and can stay at any Caesars casino with no resort fee.

This could be a real game-changer for you too. If you’re a frequent visitor and enjoy the thrill of the casinos, it might be worthwhile to join a rewards program.

By doing so, you may not only earn points towards free meals and room upgrades, but you could also potentially bypass those costly resort fees.