Blue Man Group Las Vegas is an experience that any family visiting Sin City should not miss. The combination of lively percussions, interactive stage antics, and comical skits makes the show a unique and entertaining spectacle.

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Blue Man Group




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Blue Man Group is a family-friendly interactive show featuring percussions, rock music, and comedy.

Blue Man Group Las Vegas

Blue Man Group is a top family show in Las Vegas that is fun, fast-paced, and interactive. The high-energy show features percussions and rock music with lots of comedy hijinks.

The trio perform every day at the Luxor Hotel & Casino, with multiple showtimes at 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 8:00 PM.

The show is a unique mix of one-of-a-kind technology, off-beat musical instruments, and colorful visuals. Audience members can expect to be taken on an exhilarating journey filled with surprises.

The Blue Man Group isn’t for everyone though. If you’re not a fan of slapstick humor or loud rock music, you may not enjoy the show.

Tickets are also a little bit overpriced compared to other shows in Las Vegas but it’s worth it if you’re looking for something different from your typical Las Vegas show.

Blue Man Group at Luxor is an entertaining experience that will leave you feeling energized and inspired!

Blue Man Group Las Vegas
Blue Man Group Las Vegas

History of Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group started in 1991. They have shown in New York, Boston, Chicago, Berlin, and Las Vegas.

There are currently 70 blue men in the world. They have toured the world, visiting 25 countries. The Blue Man Group splashes 18,000 buckets of paint every year and has broken over 23,000 drumsticks.

The Blue Man Group is apart of the Cirque du Soleil family.

Blue Man Theater
Blue Man Theater at Luxor Hotel & Casino

Blue Man Group Las Vegas Review

The Blue Man Group Las Vegas show is an unforgettable experience that combines theatrics, art, music and science to create a wild and percussion-driven performance.

The show appeals to both children and adults alike with its visually stunning and innovative technology.

Known for their blue skin and energetic performances, Blue Man Group’s productions are ecstatic celebrations of human connection through art, music, comedy, and non-verbal communication.

Audience Participation: The Blue Man Group incorporates the crowd into their show. They encourage everyone to participate in a variety of antics like dancing and clapping!

The group is universally appealing to a broad range of age groups and cultural backgrounds because they don’t speak.

Throughout the show, you’ll find yourself laughing and joining the talented performers in their antics. They put on a great performance using their bodies and instruments made from everyday objects like PVC pipes and paint cans.

Blue Man Group Las Vegas
Blue Man Group Las Vegas


  • The Blue Man Group Las Vegas is a top-rated family-friendly show that is appropriate for all ages.
  • Blue Man Group Las Vegas is a high-energy show that features percussions and rock music, making it an exciting experience for the whole family.
  • The show is interactive, allowing audience members to be part of the action.
  • The show has been praised by travelers for its humor and hijinks, making it a great choice for those looking for a good laugh.
  • The performers of Blue Man Group Las Vegas are incredibly talented musicians, performers, and actors.


  • Blue Man Group show in Las Vegas can be too loud for some people, making it difficult to enjoy the performance.
  • Tickets are a bit overpriced.
  • The show relies heavily on slapstick humor, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
  • The show is very long, lasting almost two hours, which can be a bit too much for some audiences.

How much are tickets to Blue Man Group Las Vegas?

Tickets to Blue Man Group Las Vegas start at $59 (excluding taxes and fees) and go up to $119 for the front row. You can buy your tickets online at, which is an official box office for Blue Man Group Las Vegas.

Blue Man Theater Seating Chart

Blue Man Group performs in the Blue Man Theater. The theater can hold 800 attendees and has six sections.

Blue Man Theater Seating Chart
Blue Man Theater Seating Chart

Do you get messy at Blue Man Group?

If you’re in the first couple rows, you’ll need a poncho (one will be provided to you with your ticket). There’s a reason you’re offered plastic ponchos at the Blue Man Group.

A Blue Man Group performance isn’t complete without some kind of a mess. The provided disposable ponchos will keep your clothes safe from any stray splatters or spills during the performance.

You won’t get wet but splashed with materials. If you’re in the poncho section, they suggest not to wear anything that needs dry cleaning.

Where is Blue Man Group Las Vegas?

Blue Man Group Las Vegas performs inside the Blue Man Theater at the Luxor Hotel & Casino on the south end of The Strip in Las Vegas.

Directions To Blue Man Theater

From The Main Entrance: When you walk through the main entrance, take an immediate left towards the front desk. Take the escalators on your left up to the second floor of the atrium. If you need an elevator, they are located in the corners of the pyramid. Once you’re on the second floor you will see the Blue Man Theater on your left.

From The Parking Garage: Once you’re inside from walking across the pedestrian bridge from the parking lot, take a left and go up the escalators to the atrium level. When you’re on the second floor, you will see the Blue Man Theater on your right.

About Luxor Hotel & Casino

Luxor Hotel & Casino is packed with great amenities for families and adults. The budget-friendly resort is one of the top cheap hotels on The Strip.



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Luxor Las Vegas is a great hotel and casino for anyone visiting The Strip.

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In addition to Blue Man Group Las Vegas, the resort is home to family-friendly amenities like America’s Got Talent Live, Hyper X Arena, Bodies… The Exhibition, and Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. Adults will love Carrot Top and Fantasy.

Luxor also has great restaurants like Tender Steakhouse, Diablo’s Cantina, and Public House.

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