LA Comedy Club Las Vegas Review (Cheap Tickets)

LA Comedy Club at The STRAT is one of the best Las Vegas comedy clubs. See great standup comedy and enjoy a $25 all-you-can-drink special!

Jeremy K.


Jeremy K.

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Last updated on December 18, 2022

If you’re looking for a great place to see some stand-up comedy, look no further than the LA Comedy Club in Las Vegas. They have a variety of comedians, both headliners and locals, and the atmosphere is always enjoyable. It’s one of the best Las Vegas comedy clubs and is an affordable show. The only downside is the location at The STRAT, which is a bit off the beaten path.

LA Comedy Club Review

Price: $25–45+

Location: The STRAT Resort & Casino

Summary: LA Comedy Club in Las Vegas is a great place for stand-up comedy. They have a variety of comedians, both headliners and locals, and the atmosphere is always enjoyable. The only downside is the location, which is a bit off the beaten path.

Editor’s Rating: 4/5



  • Poor location

LA Comedy Club Las Vegas is one of the best comedy clubs in town. Tickets are affordable and the location, while not great, is still a decent place to see some good stand-up comedy. The club has been around since 2007 and always has a variety of comedians, both headliners and locals. If you’re looking for a good laugh, LA Comedy Club is definitely worth checking out.

Key Features

  • Affordable tickets–there are always great deals to be found
  • A diverse selection of comedians- from headliners to locals, you’re sure to find someone you’ll enjoy
  • An enjoyable atmosphere–the club is always lively and fun

What To Expect At LA Comedy Club

The LA Comedy Club Las Vegas has been welcoming Vegas tourists and locals alike since 2007—in fact, it’s a favorite spot of locals on the weekend. LA Comedy Club is one of the best Las Vegas comedy clubs, living up to the hype of being a reliable standup comedy with a good atmosphere. 

They have headliners that are always there, some traveling comedians, and local Vegas comedians. Check out who will be performing while buying your tickets, although you’re going to laugh at any of them so don’t overthink it! You can expect to, no surprise, laugh….a lot at this tried and true comedy club full of hilarious talent. 

The Dragon Room at The STRAT Resort & Casino offers a 160-seat cozy club atmosphere—no frills, just good, quality stand-up acts that’ll keep you focused on the jokes, slams, and comedic genius of these emerging performers which each bring their own stage presence. 

Each week is a unique live comedy event where national headlining comedians can show off their material and give the audience a nothing-held-back performance. There are three showtimes each night, so check out the different shows here to pick a good time for you.

One of the beauties of going to this comedy club is that you might know the name or leave being a big fan of whoever you just saw for the first time. 

If you’re not a comedy fanatic, it’s a good place to be introduced to the culture….just remember, it’s a comedy club. It is 21+ for a good reason, so don’t be surprised if your sensibilities are challenged a few times throughout the night! 

The show gets consistently positive reviews—a frequently mentioned aspect is the “chill” atmosphere curated just for comedy. It continues to be seen as one of the well-loved comedy venues on The Strip.

With a rather intimate atmosphere, you’ll be able to see the comedian easily from anywhere in the venue. Additionally, comedians will often stay after the show and interact with the audience. Although, be warned: you might get roasted if you’re sitting right in front of the stage. One attendee noted: “If you don’t want to be picked on, sit further back….where they can’t see you!” 

The bartender also gets fantastic reviews, as do the frequent drink specials offered—particularly, and perhaps a bit unpredictably, the all-you-can-drink deal. To sum it up, this recent review by a Las Vegas local says it all: “I’ve been going to the LA Comedy Club for over 14 years now and it never gets old.” That’s a pretty darn high bar! 


So, if you’re looking to laugh look no further than LA Comedy Club in Vegas. With multiple performances nightly, it’s an easy one to fit into your Vegas trip. You can buy tickets to any show at the LA Comedy Club Las Vegas here

Who We Recommend LA Comedy Club For…

Who We Wouldn’t Recommend LA Comedy Club For…

  • People who are easily offended by jokes
  • Anyone looking for a high-end comedy experience, check out Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club instead
  • Tourists on the south end of The Strip

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no dress code at LA Comedy Club, so you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. However, we recommend that you avoid wearing anything too formal or too casual. Instead, opt for something in between, like a nice pair of jeans or a dressy top. You want to look good, but you also want to be able to move and laugh freely. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun!

You can expect to laugh for approximately 70 minutes when you go to see a show at LA Comedy Club. There are no intermissions, so sit back and enjoy the non-stop hilarity. The club features some of the best up-and-coming comedians, as well as established stars, so you’re sure to have a good time. And if you need a break from laughing, you can always order a drink from the full bar. So whether you’re looking for a fun night out with friends or a date night with a special someone, LA Comedy Club is the perfect place to go.