The Best Time to Visit Las Vegas: When To Go

Best Time to Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the world. With so many bright lights, people, and things to do, it’s hard not to have a good time.

But when should you go? When is the best time to visit Las Vegas?

Many factors come into play here, but we’re going to take a look at some general guidelines for visiting Las Vegas throughout different seasons.

Before I lived in Las Vegas, May was my favorite month to visit Las Vegas. The weather isn’t too hot, with an average high of 90° and a low of 60°.

It’s perfect for the pool in the daytime, but you can still walk outside without breaking a sweat at night. Hotels are fairly priced, and crowds aren’t too busy until Memorial Day Weekend.

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    Best Time To Visit Vegas

    Choosing the best times to visit Las Vegas depends on what you want to do, how much you want to spend, and your tolerance for the heat. There’s always a good reason to visit Las Vegas–pools in the summer, affordable rooms in the winter, and sunny Las Vegas weather all year round!

    Here’s a general overview of the different times to visit Vegas:

    • Busiest Time: Major holidays, special events and festivals, conventions, and sporting events bring the biggest crowds to Las Vegas (see below for when).
    • Slowest Time: During the fall and winter, you’ll find the smallest crowds when there are no holidays or major conventions. This includes November, December before Christmas, January, and February.
    • Cheapest Time: The slowest times in Vegas are when hotel prices are the lowest, but you may find a great deal on hotels during the summer. Because of the hot Las Vegas weather, some midweek room prices are quite low.
    • Pool Parties: Most pool parties start during spring break in March and close up in late September. Some pools, like Circa, are heated and open year-round.
    • Best Weather: April and May, September and October, have ideal weather with temperatures averaging 80s and 90s. It’s arguably the best time to visit Las Vegas.
    • Worst Weather: The hottest weather in Las Vegas is in July and August. It can dip below freezing in December and January. The best chance of precipitation is in the winter and spring, but it doesn’t rain in general.

    What is the busiest time to visit Vegas?

    New Year’s Eve celebration in Las Vegas is the busiest event of the year.

    There a handful of events and holidays that bring the crowds to Las Vegas each year. New Year’s Eve, CES, the Super Bowl, spring break, March Madness, and EDC are the busiest times in Las Vegas.

    New Year’s Eve is the busiest day of the year in Las Vegas. Hundreds of thousands of people crowd The Strip for a massive countdown celebration.

    A week into January, CES brings countless tech fans to the convention center for the largest convention of the year. In February, the Super Bowl takes over with passionate football fans filling every sportsbook, bar, and casino. March makes way for spring break and March Madness, the college basketball tournament.

    Vegas begins to settle down as tourists come and go throughout April and May until EDC brings ravers to Las Vegas Motorspeedway for one of the world’s largest music festivals.

    Things slow down in June until September as the weather in Las Vegas turns hot and the heat overpowers the city.

    You’ll see crowd spikes on Labor Day and some weekends, but for the most part, Las Vegas is a convention town in October and November and won’t be very busy until the cowboys show up for rodeo week in December.

    When is the most expensive time to visit Vegas?

    EDC at the Las Vegas Motorspeedway is one of the most expensive weekends in Vegas.

    The most expensive time in Vegas coincides with the busiest. You’ll see the most expensive room rates during New Year’s Eve, CES in January, and the EDC music festival in May. You will find the most expensive dayclubs and nightclubs during EDC. 

    During these events, it’s not uncommon to see rooms that normally book for $20/night on sale for over $200. 

    Other than that, special events, holidays, and the weekend will see higher room rates around the city.

    What is the cheapest time to go to Vegas?

    The best time to visit Las Vegas for gambling is in the Winter, with low crowds.

    If price is important to you, the best time to visit Las Vegas is in the fall and winter, specifically November through January. Outside a couple of major events, that time of year is the offseason in Las Vegas.

    Hotels will offer you their lowest rates. Restaurants will entice you with special deals. The temperatures are mild to cold.

    If you want hot Las Vegas summer weather, you may find affordable hotels in July and August on the weekdays. There aren’t big conventions or outdoor events in Las Vegas in the summer, so hotels offer low-priced rooms that business travelers normally book.

    What is the Las Vegas weather like?

    The weather in Las Vegas is always sunny. With almost 300 sunny days a year, you should only be concerned about the temperature. Throughout the year, Sin City sees temperatures range from highs of 60° to 107°. The spring and fall are delightful, winter is mild, and summer is scorching hot–particularly in July and August.

    Years ago, when I was a rideshare driver, I remember picking up some passengers at Caesars Palace in February. They asked me to crank up the heat because they only brought shorts, sandals, and t-shirts. They said they thought Las Vegas was a desert and didn’t understand why it was so cold.

    Always check the Las Vegas weather forecast before you pack, so you aren’t surprised by temperatures, wind, or rain.

    The city only sees rain a few times a year, so so it’s unlikely you’ll see precipitation while you’re in town. However, when it rains, it pours, and flash floods may become an issue.

    For the most part, tourists don’t need to worry about the precipitation because it only affects small portions of The Strip and Downtown.

    What is the coldest month in Las Vegas?

    Snow at the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign.

    If you plan on coming for the big New Year’s Eve celebration, bring lots of layers. January is the coldest month in Las Vegas, with an average high temperature of 59° and lows of 28°. The second coldest month is December, which makes for chilly holidays.

    Temperatures start to dip in the middle of October until early April, which is one of the best times to visit Las Vegas if you’re not interested in using a pool. During the fall and winter, hotel prices are often more affordable on the weekends.

    I like to call this time of the year “hiking season” because it’s the perfect weather to put on a light jacket and go explore Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, and the trails at Lake Mead. It’s the best time to visit Las Vegas for outdoor activities and events.

    What months are hot in Las Vegas?

    Summer in Las Vegas is oppressive, but we have sunshine year-round. So lather up with sunscreen and find all the shade you can. July and August are the hottest months in Las Vegas, with highs of 107° and lows down to 67°. The sun goes down around 8:00 PM in the summer, but the heat never seems to go away.

    Even with the great pool parties, cabanas, and shade, it’s tough to escape the heat. If you like gambling, the summer is a great time to hit the casino floor and enjoy the air-conditioned hotels.

    Some hotels put up great deals during the oppressive heat of August and July. If you’re sensitive to heat, do not come to Las Vegas in the summer. People say, “It’s a dry heat.” but so is an oven.

    Ironically, if you are coming during the summer, pack a light sweatshirt for when you’re inside the casino, restaurants, and hotels. Most buildings are blasting air-conditioning all day, and it can get a little chilly inside.

    When is Las Vegas pool season?

    The best time to visit Las Vegas pools is in the Spring or Fall.

    The pool season in Las Vegas starts in March and ends in September for most hotels and dayclubs. It’s a little cold for the pool in March, but with spring breakers coming to town, hotels open the pools for the college kids.

    Some hotel pools, like Circa, are open all year with heated pools. But beware, getting out of the water in November, December, or January can be a cold experience.

    The best time to visit Las Vegas for a pool experience, visit Las Vegas in the spring or fall. The temperatures in April, May, and June are great for swimming. Likewise, September and early October are great for a soak. You’ll enjoy temperatures in the mid-80s to low-90s with plenty of sunshine.

    How many days do you need in Las Vegas?

    While this question may seem out of place, it’s interesting to consider when trying to sort out the best time to visit Las Vegas. I always recommend visiting Las Vegas for three nights.

    Here’s how I would determine which three nights to visit Las Vegas:

    1. Do you want crowds?
      First, choose whether you to be around lots of people. If you want the hustle and chaos of The Strip, come to town for a weekend, holiday, or special event. If you’re not a fan of big crowds, I recommend staying from Sunday to Wednesday.
    2. Are you concerned about the price?
      Next, you need to decide if the cost of your hotel room is a big concern. If it isn’t, come on a weekend when the weather is nice in May, June, or September. If you want to save some money, come in the off-season in November, December, or January. If you want to save money and enjoy the sun, try a midweek stay in July or August.
    3. Do you want to lounge in the pool?
      If you do, temperatures are best in May, early June, and September. If you don’t care about the pool, you can visit during any season.
    4. Do you want to see a show or party at a nightclub?
      Las Vegas shows and nightclubs have dark nights with no performances. Typically these fall on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. So your options may be limited with a midweek stay.

    Regardless of when you visit Las Vegas, there will always be great live music, awesome food, and incredible entertainment.

    Whether you visit when spring is budding in April or the season’s change in November, Las Vegas is ready to welcome you to our fine city.

    Now Is The Best Time To Visit Las Vegas

    If you’ve never been to Las Vegas, there are many considerations for when and where to go. It would help if you decided what activities will be most exciting for you, how much money you want to spend on your trip, and whether or not the heat is tolerable.

    Regardless of why you plan on visiting Sin City, we hope this blog post helped provide some interesting insights into what makes one time better than another!

    The best time to visit Las Vegas is the time you are here. We know that once people visit Vegas, they always find themselves coming back soon thereafter- so see us today!

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