Tacos El Gordo Review: The Best Taco on The Strip

Tacos El Gordo is a Mexican restaurant located in Las Vegas that serves some of the best tacos around

Jeremy K.


Jeremy K.

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Last updated on December 18, 2022

If you’re a taco lover, then you need to check out Tacos El Gordo. This Mexican restaurant is located on the Strip in Vegas, and it serves up some of the best tacos around. The atmosphere here is great, and the service is friendly and efficient. Plus, the prices are very reasonable. If you’re looking for a tasty taco fix while in Vegas, be sure to check out Tacos El Gordo!

Keep reading to learn why Tacos El Gordo made our list for Best Tacos and Best Mexican Restaurants.

Tacos El Gordo Review

Price: $12–25+

Location: Multiple Locations (Across the street from Resorts World)

Summary: When it comes to Mexican food in Las Vegas, Tacos El Gordo is one of the best. The most popular location is across the street from Resorts World. The tacos are some of the best in town and the meals are reasonably priced. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a sit-down meal, Tacos El Gordo is definitely worth checking out.



  • There may be long lines
  • Restaurant can be hot

I really like Tacos El Gordo. Whenever friends or family are in town and they request a trip to the taco shop, I’m in. The way you order is standing in line for the type of meat you’d like on your tacos.

They’ve got all the cuts–carne asada (steak), suadero (beef brisket), lengua (beef tongue), and so many more. I often vouch for the asada or al pastor tacos, but I also really enjoy the tostadas and quesadillas. Regardless of your preferred flavor, Tacos El Gordo has some of the best tacos in Las Vegas.

How expensive is Tacos El Gordo?

Taco El Gordo is a pretty affordable taco shop, especially for Las Vegas Strip standards. Most of the tacos cost about $4 each, depending on the cut of meat. I usually get three tacos, which is enough for me, but if you’re really hungry four or five will set you back about $20. Expect to spend at least $12, up to $25 with a drink, per person. It’s not the cheapest taco place around, but it’s definitely not the most expensive either.

Where is Tacos El Gordo?

Tacos El Gordo is across the street from Resorts World and just a 10-minute walk from Circus Circus, Encore, and Wynn. It’s open until 2:00 AM, making it a great late-night stop. The inside is loud and hot, with the delicious smell of tacos permeating the air. It feels like you’ve been transported to a taco shop in the heart of Tijuana. The tacos are authentic and delicious, making Tacos El Gordo a great choice for a late-night snack.