MJ Live Las Vegas Review

Jeremy Koering

Jeremy Koering

March 24, 2023
MJ Live at Tropicana Las Vegas

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The MJ Live Las Vegas show is a top-notch tribute show to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. It features an incredible cast of performers and celebrates his music. Go see MJ Live nightly at Tropicana on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip.

We are reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission.

MJ Live

MJ Live




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  • MJ Live is one of the best tribute shows in Las Vegas.

MJ Live Las Vegas is where the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s music legacy, is remembered and honored through the superb performers of today.

The Las Vegas MJ Live Show at Tropicana Resort & Casino uses “tribute actors” who impersonate Michael Jackson and a time-honored show of the classics.

At this show, every person in the audience can dance, sing, laugh, and even cry as they reminisce on all the Michael Jackson hits they love. The show features singing performances of MJ’s significant hits such as “Thriller,” “Bad,” “Beat It,” and more!

No matter what your favorite Michael Jackson song is, you’re sure to see it performed with all the zest and energy of Michael Jackson himself.

If you ever saw Michael Jackson in concert during his prime, you know just how much energy will be in this show. During the MJ Live Las Vegas Show, you’ll feel that same energy radiating from one of the four rotating tribute actors.

Having multiple impersonators of Michael Jackson himself gives a fresh take to each show and allows shows to happen seven nights a week.

During the show itself, you’ll hear your favorite MJ hits, experience the iconic dance moves he brought to pop music and build a new memory with your family.

Be sure to practice your moonwalk before the show because there’s no doubt you’ll need to show it off during this 70-minute extravaganza!

Guests especially love the Jackson 5 feature of the show, the talented backup dancers and entourage that fill the stage, and the unbeatable impersonations of The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Don’t miss this iconic, nostalgia-filled performance – get your tickets today!

Buy your tickets for $54/ticket to the MJ Live Las Vegas show now to pay homage to the era of music that shaped so much! Though we can’t bring MJ himself back to do this show, you’ll find the same energy and iconic hits that took the world by storm not so long ago at the MJ Live Show.

For those that knew and loved MJ, it’ll be that much more wonderful to get to share this experience with the younger people in your lives who didn’t have the opportunity to witness him in all his glory.

Where is MJ Live Las Vegas?

MJ Live is located at Tropicana on the Las Vegas Strip.


If you are on a tight-budget and want to stay on the south end of The Strip, Tropicana may be a good choice for you.

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