South Point Las Vegas is a nice resort located on Las Vegas Boulevard in South Las Vegas. You can expect clean and spacious rooms, an impressive casino floor, pool area, spa, plenty of dining options, live entertainment and events like rodeos for the whole family to enjoy.

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South Point Review

South Point




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South Point Las Vegas offers a laid-back, budget-friendly escape from The Strip.

South Point, located a short 15-minute drive from the bustling Las Vegas Strip, offers an off-Strip experience that caters to those seeking a more laid-back atmosphere.

This resort provides decent hotel quality and a variety of amenities, such as a spa and salon, for guests to enjoy. Though not as luxurious as its Strip counterparts, South Point still delivers a comfortable stay.

South Point’s array of restaurants and bars cater to diverse tastes, with options like Baja Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant, Silverado Steakhouse, and Zenshin Asian Restaurant.

For those looking to unwind with a drink, the resort features several bars, including the Alley Cat Lounge and Pendleton Whiskey Bar. In short, you won’t go hungry or thirsty during your stay at South Point Las Vegas.

When it comes to entertainment, South Point doesn’t disappoint. The Dirty At 12:30 comedy show is a must-see for anyone looking for a laugh.

Additionally, the South Point Arena & Equestrian Center and South Point Showroom host a variety of events to keep guests entertained.

For those seeking relaxation and pampering, the Costa del Sur Spa & Salon is the perfect place to indulge in some self-care.

While South Point may not have the same bustling nightlife as The Strip, its more mellow vibe provides a welcome respite for those looking to escape the chaos.

South Point offers a solid off-Strip experience for those seeking a quieter, more relaxed Las Vegas vacation.

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South Point Pros & Cons

With a variety of amenities and entertainment options, South Point caters to all budgets looking for a more relaxed Las Vegas experience. Let’s explore what sets South Point apart and what areas it could improve on.


  • Location: Just far enough from The Strip to avoid the chaos while still providing easy access to all Vegas has to offer.
  • Dining Options: A wide array of restaurants, such as Baja Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant and Zenshin Asian Restaurant, cater to diverse tastes.
  • Relaxation: Costa del Sur Spa & Salon offers a retreat for those seeking self-care and pampering.
  • Bars: An assortment of bars, including the Alley Cat Lounge and Pendleton Whiskey Bar, offer plenty of spots to unwind with a drink


  • Off-Strip: For those seeking the full Las Vegas Strip experience, South Point’s location may feel too removed.
  • Limited Nightlife: The nightlife options at South Point are more low-key compared to the bustling scene on The Strip.

Review Summary

South Point Las Vegas offers a more relaxed, budget-friendly alternative to the bustling Las Vegas Strip. While it may not have the same level of luxury or nightlife as its Strip counterparts, South Point provides a comfortable experience for those seeking a quieter getaway.

If this sounds like your perfect Las Vegas vacation, don’t hesitate to book your stay at South Point today!

South Point Shows

At South Point Las Vegas, entertainment options include the hilarious Dirty At 12:30 comedy show and a variety of events hosted at venues like the South Point Arena & Equestrian Center and South Point Showroom.

With these offerings, guests can expect a delightful mix of laughter and excitement during their stay.

South Point Things To Do

South Point Las Vegas offers the Costa del Sur Spa & Salon as a top attraction for relaxation and self-care, while its diverse bars and lounges provide a more low-key nightlife experience compared to the bustling Strip. Guests can enjoy a laid-back atmosphere while still having plenty of options for entertainment.

South Point Restaurants & Bars

South Point Las Vegas boasts a diverse array of restaurants, from Baja Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant to Zenshin Asian Restaurant, satisfying a wide range of culinary cravings.

To quench your thirst, the resort offers a variety of bars, including the cozy Alley Cat Lounge and the lively Pendleton Whiskey Bar, ensuring there’s a spot for every mood.

South Point FAQ

Yes, South Point offers both hotel guests and casino visitors free parking and complimentary valet parking.

Read our Las Vegas parking guide for more details.

South Point charges a $21 resort fee per night. The resort fee includes access to the pool, wifi, and more. Read our Las Vegas resort fees guide for more details.