At Mat Franco Las Vegas, you can expect to be wowed by the impressive magic tricks of America’s Got Talent winner, Mat Franco.

With his unique style that blends humor, sleight of hand, and illusion, Mat delivers a one-of-a-kind performance that will leave you entertained and mystified throughout the entire show.

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Mat Franco




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Mat Franco

The Mat Franco Las Vegas magic show at The LINQ Resort & Casino where Franco has developed a family-friendly magic show with many different stunts to keep all ages entertained. He combines traditional sleight-of-hand illusions with humor to make sure that the whole family can be part of the show. Mat is a self-taught magician who is most well-known for winning America’s Got Talent.

You can tell watching Mat Franco on the stage that he loves magic and illusion. He puts on an impressive show and production that will leave everyone in your party arguing how he did it on the way back to your hotel room.

You might know Mat Franco as the first magician to win America’s Got Talent—which is really saying something because there have been countless magicians who’ve tried to win that title since 2006.

In fact, it took until the 9th season for a magician to win. However, this was just the start of Mat Franco’s career in magic; he’s also produced and starred in a primetime TV special on NBC called Mat Franco’s Got Magic.

In addition to his TV career, he’s established himself as a staple Las Vegas magic show since we started there about six years ago. He’s particularly made a name for himself in being a solid family-friendly show on The Strip.

Mat Franco – Magic Reinvented Nightly will keep your attention easily the entire time, and we bet you won’t be able to figure out his tricks no matter how close you’re sitting.

So, what can you expect from self-taught magician Mat Franco to bring to the stage other than tricks? He is an excellent, personable performer who leans into his easy-going and warm nature while on stage.

His performance style is truly one of a kind, really driven by his personality in addition to his skillful sleight-of-hand magic. So, you’re not going to just be confused the whole time; you’ll be laughing, too.

He doesn’t do big make-a-car-disappear type tricks, he generally does more subtle card tricks that are no less blowing or entertaining, especially when accompanied by his sense of humor.

For especially up-close tricks, you can follow along as closely as you want, since they record him up close on camera. The whole audience sits attempting to decipher what he’s doing, often with audience members on stage.

Either way, you won’t ever be too far away from the magic as The LINQ Resort & Casino provides good seating for everyone. His show is titled Magic Reinvented Nightly for a reason—he aims to keep his work fresh and challenging, yet that remains relatable to the audience.

One reviewer said: “The title, Magic Reinvented Nightly is true because his interactions with the audience determine the final results at the end of the show. He brings folks up on stage and ad-libs with humor.”

Many showgoers of the past have commented on how it’s suitable for the whole family.

This goes beyond just being appropriate for all ages; it will actually keep everyone entertained (and probably confused): “Very clever, fabulous show for all ages. Really funny and he interacts with the audience. I will definitely go again when I’m next in Las Vegas. My 21-year-old son and 9-year-old son both thoroughly enjoyed the show.”

And, after the show, you’ll be centrally located right in the middle of The Strip to hang out for the rest of the night, so you can talk over dinner how on earth he did all those tricks.

You’ll quickly understand why Mat Franco is popular and become an established Las Vegas performer even if you aren’t familiar with him from America’s Got Talent. So, check out this top-rated magic show for yourself. You can buy your Mat Franco tickets for the whole family here.

Where is Mat Franco?

Mat Franco is located at The LINQ on the Las Vegas Strip. The LINQ is one of the best hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.



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