Laugh Factory Las Vegas Review (Cheap Comedy Club)

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Jeremy K.

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Last updated on December 18, 2022

As far as classic standup comedy clubs go, the Laugh Factory Las Vegas is one of the originals. If you’re a fan of standup and looking for an authentic experience, this is the place to go. You’ll find an old-school standup club with an intimate setting and some of the best comedians in the business. Whether you’re a diehard comedy fan or just looking for a fun night out, the Laugh Factory is definitely worth checking out.

Laugh Factory Las Vegas Review

Price: $45–55+

Location: Laugh Factory Resort & Casino

Summary: Laugh Factory is one of the best comedy clubs in town and is a great place to see stand-up comedy. The intimate setting and reasonable drink prices make it a great value for your entertainment dollar.

Editor’s Rating: 3.5/5


  • Laugh Factory is one of the best comedy clubs on The Strip
  • Affordable drinks and cocktails
  • Special events and touring comics like Jon Lovitz, Dom Irrera, Pauly Shore, and more


  • Some tickets are expensive
  • It’s similar to other Vegas comedy clubs

The Laugh Factory is a one-stop shop for live stand-up comedy at Tropicana Resort & Casino on The Strip. The intimate club offers a retro vibe perfect for a night of laughter.

The original Laugh Factory opened in 1979 with locations throughout the United States. They’ve hosted big name after big name: Roseanne Barr, Bill Maher, Eddie Murphy, Jay Leno, Robin Williams…the list goes on and on and speaks for itself. The Las Vegas Laugh Factory opened in 2012 and has been providing laughs for visitors and locals ever since.

What To Expect at Laugh Factory Las Vegas

The Laugh Factory is one of the best comedy clubs in Las Vegas and has served as a launching pad for many comedians. If you’re looking for a comedy experience, check out the old-school Laugh Factory towards the southern part of The Strip in Las Vegas.

If you’re an avid stand-up comedy fan, you can expect a classic comedy show that you’re familiar with. Laugh Factory Las Vegas is a particularly charming venue with retro vibes—behind the smallish stage, there are red drapes and a big neon backdrop akin to an old game show. The Laugh Factory is situated on the second level of the Tropicana Resort & Casino.

Try to get there a bit beforehand so you can get a good seat, although, in this smaller venue, you can see the stage well from anywhere. On your way in, grab a drink at the bar to enjoy throughout the show. You can also choose to upgrade your seat and sit at a booth. 

Be warned, the Laugh Factory Las Vegas is no different from many other comedy clubs…if you sit in the front row, be prepared to become part of the joke. And, of course, like much of the best comedy, you can expect the frequent “did they really just say that?” moment. 

Laugh Factory normally features two comics per show, and there’s normally a mixed and matched bill with emerging comedians and more established ones—so, even if you’re not too familiar with some of the newer comedians, this long-lived club brings in the best to keep you entertained. 

After the show, you’ll be right on The Strip to decide what to do with the rest of your night. 

With many new names in comedy taking the stage at the Laugh Factory, guests are able to see who is performing in advance of purchasing show tickets—so if you’re looking for someone specific, check out the website. 

The venue and atmosphere itself get favorable reviews, many along the lines of this: 

“Nice and friendly atmosphere located on the second floor of the Tropicana. The lounge was set up like you would imagine or seen on TV like back in the 80s. It was cozy, comfortable, and very enjoyable.” 

However, the lounge is by no means sleepy—the atmosphere alive with laughs at the irreverent, no-filter humor. Another loved the aspect of the Laugh Factory is their focus on just two performers as opposed to three or more, giving a focus on quality and potentially lengthier sets. 

So, if you’re ready to have a laid-back and entertaining night during your trip, check out some of the upcoming lineups at the Laugh Factory Las Vegas. After all, it’s almost a bucket-list comedy club with all of the big names it has hosted throughout the years. 

As mentioned, the venue isn’t huge, so if you’re interested in going, definitely buy tickets ahead of time—you can book tickets to Laugh Factory Las Vegas here!


The Laugh Factory Las Vegas is a great spot to see standup comedy. With intimate seating and reasonably priced drinks, it’s easy to have a night of laughs. Plus, they often have special events with big-name comics. You’re sure to find something you’ll love at the Laugh Factory.

The Laugh Factory is a great value for your entertainment dollar. It has an old-school atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re right there on stage with the comedians. Purchase tickets to see your favorite comedian today!

Who We Recommend Laugh Factory For…

  • Fans of standup comedy
  • Anyone who want a semi-affordable show

Who We Wouldn’t Recommend Laugh Factory For…

  • People who easily get offended by jokes
  • Anyone not a fan of standup

Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets to the Laugh Factory vary depending on the showtime and day of the week. General admission tickets start at $45, but there are also VIP seats available starting at $55. Tickets can be purchased online.

You must be 18 years old or older to enter the Laugh Factory. Minors are not allowed.

Most shows at the Laugh Factory are 70 minutes long. However, depending on the show or comedian, there may be some variation. Nevertheless, most comedy shows at the Laugh Factory hover around the 70-minute mark. So if you’re looking to get your laugh on, you can plan accordingly!