Piff The Magic Dragon Las Vegas Review


Jeremy Koering

• Chief Editor

Last updated on August 13, 2022

Piff the Magic Dragon is a comedy magic show at Flamingo Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. His sidekicks include a dog, Mr. Piffles, and Jade Simone. His show includes belly laughs and impressive magic tricks.

Piff The Magic Dragon Review

Rating: 4.75/5

What We Like

  • Very entertaining, full of big laughs
  • Affordable tickets

What We Don’t Like

  • He’s the loser of America’s Got Talent
  • He talks while he’s eating

Bottom Line

Piff the Magic Dragon is the best magic show in Las Vegas. The hilarious comedy magic show at Flamingo is unrivaled. His sidekick is a dog, Mr. Piffles, and his show includes big laughs and impressive magic tricks. Piff is the loser of America’s Got Talent, but he won everyone over with his humor and skills. If you’re looking for an entertaining and affordable magic show, Piff is a must-see!

He’s not like any other magicians you’ve seen because he’s a dragon. He has a dog and showgirl as a sidekick. He’s the loser of America’s Got Talent but won everyone over with his humor and impressive magic skills. Piff The Magic Dragon, is a must-see comedy magic show.

What To Expect At Piff The Magic Dragon Las Vegas

We’re not sure anyone ever imagined going to Las Vegas to see a man-dragon-magician-comedian with a dog sidekick, but we do know Piff The Magic Dragon Show is one that can’t be missed.

After rising to fame from his experience on America’s Got Talent 2015, Piff The Magic Dragon has made his home the Flamingo Showroom at Flamingo Resort and Casino for the last 5 years. Guests flock from all over the country to witness his crazy show filled with belly-laughs and impressive magic tricks.

Piff The Magic Dragon’s Vegas show delights audiences of all ages. Not only is Piff himself a fan-favorite, but his beloved pup, Mr. Piffles, is sure to make you swoon. Don’t be distracted by Piff’s hilarity or Mr. Piffles cuteness if you want to figure out how their magic tricks work!

They say magicians are great distractors, and with so much going on you might miss the secrets! In reality, you probably won’t figure out how the magic happens, but you will feel the magic, and that’s even better. 

While Piff The Magic Dragon is the star of the show, he has two other cast members that keep things running smoothly. His sidekick, Mr. Piffles, is sure to steal your mind with his cuteness and shock your senses with crazy feats such as getting shot out of a cannon or chopped in half!

As the show has grown, Piff and Mr. Piffles added one more to their crew: Jade Simone. Jade is Piff’s assistant and is known as “The Girl with the Dragon to-do list.” The trio has become a well-oiled machine that will have audience members laughing their heads off while simultaneously having their minds blown.

Guests call the Piff The Magic Dragon Show a “funny and great magic show to see,” that “does a great job including audience.” Reviews are flooded with comments about the hilarity of Piff, the talent of his sidekicks, and his generosity after the show. Piff sticks around for a meet-and-greet for all who want a photo with him.

Buy your tickets today to witness the pure talent this trio brings to the stage. You may love Piff’s humor, Mr. Piffles’ attitude, or Jane’s ability to keep the show moving, but no matter who your favorite is, you’ll leave satisfied.