Paranormal Mind Reading Las Vegas is a show where the power of the mind meets incredible magic and psychological illusions.

The amazing mentalist, Frederic Da Silva, will astonish you with his mind-reading abilities that will have you questioning reality and leave you absolutely mystified!

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Paranormal Mind Reading

The Paranormal Mind Reading Las Vegas show will leave guests racking their brains trying to figure out how the talented Frederic Da Silva can get inside their minds.

You’ll witness everything from a blindfolded recreation of a picture he has never seen, stopping the clock at the time you’re thinking of, and even guessing your deepest, darkest secrets.

This is a great show for the family and may even make you feel like a magician. The audience gets to play along with every trick in this interactive set of twists and turns.

Head on down to The Magic Attic at Horseshoe Resort & Casino for a show so mind-blowing you won’t even be able to explain it to your friends.

If the paranormal mind-reading magic show can’t make you question your reality, nothing can. Frederic is an internationally renowned mentalist who will do his best to unlock your mind through magic, hypnosis, and mind-reading.

A paranormal mind-reading show is sure to leave audiences wondering how it all works. If you think you can figure out Frederic’s secrets, come to the show and find out!

We can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to get inside his head, but we can guarantee that Frederic will be able to get inside yours. Open your mind to the bending of reality and the impossible feats that will happen before your very own eyes.

Voted the Best Mentalist in Europe, Frederic’s skillset will have you astonished within the first few minutes of the show. He may be able to guess what’s in your pocket, what you had for dinner, or even what you’re most afraid of.

If you think you can fool him, he welcomes the challenge. The Paranormal Las Vegas Show you’re about to witness isn’t just smoke and mirrors partnered up with some good old-fashioned trickery, it’s so much more.

After guests have time to process the amazing talent they just witnessed, they have splendid things to say about the show, calling it, “absolutely mind-blowing.” Take it from those who have sat in the seat you’re about to sit in as they tell you, “You have to see it to believe it.”

After just 75 minutes you’ll be joining the stunned audiences that span years as you collectively try to find the answers behind the magic. You probably won’t find the answers, but it’s quite fun to try!

Unlike many other Las Vegas shows, this paranormal mind-reading magic show gives all guests a unique opportunity to meet with the star himself, Frederico. At many other shows, only the VIP ticket holders get an opportunity like this, if at all.

Frederico values his entire audience and wants to connect with as many people as possible, so he usually sticks around after the show to take pictures, answer questions, and maybe do a few more magic tricks if you’re lucky. Buy your tickets to witness one of the biggest mysteries of Sin City: the Paranormal Las Vegas Show.

Where is Paranormal Mind Reading?

Paranormal Mind Reading is located at Horseshoe Las Vegas on The Strip. Horseshoe is one of the best cheap hotels in Las Vegas.



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Horseshoe Las Vegas (formerly Bally’s) is a budget-friendly hotel located in the center of The Strip.

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