Atomic Saloon Show Review: A Rowdy, Raunchy Wild West Tail

Atomic Saloon Show is a raunchy wild west variety show at The Venetian in Las Vegas. Go see Madam Boozy Skunton and her misfits today!

Jeremy Koering

Jeremy Koering

March 24, 2023
Atomic Saloon Show at The Venetian Las Vegas

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Spiegelworld’s Atomic Saloon Show brings the raunchy wild west to life. It’s one of the best shows in Las Vegas featuring a variety of acts, singing, comedy, and burlesque at the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Resort & Casino.

I highly recommend Atomic Saloon Show. When friends and family come to town, I tell them its a must-see. For anyone looking for a rowdy, raunchy good time, this show is perfect for you.

Atomic Saloon Show

Atomic Saloon Show




  • Expensive – $$$$

  • Atomic Saloon Show is a must-see for anyone looking for a rowdy, raunchy good time.
  • The show features a variety of acts, including singing, comedy, and burlesque.
  • Ticket prices are high, but the show is one of the most popular in Vegas.

Atomic Saloon Show is Spiegelworld’s raunchy romp through the wild, wild west. The show features a variety of acts, singing, comedy, and burlesque. Atomic Saloon Show stars Madam Boozy Skunton and her talented band of misfits, who take over the saloon for a wild night of entertainment. Imagine a Las Vegas variety production meets “Blazing Saddles” meets Las Vegas in a nutshell, that’s Atomic Saloon Show.

Atomic Saloon Show is vulgar and crude in the best possible way. If you’re looking to let loose and have some fun, then Atomic Saloon Show is the show for you. So saddle up and continue reading my Atomic Saloon Show review.

If you’re looking for a good time in Las Vegas, the Atomic Saloon Show is one of the best shows on The Strip. You’ll laugh and have fun with this raunchy show that will keep your mind off how hot it is outside. The performers are talented and engaging–you won’t be disappointed!

My wife’s best friend was in town visiting and the three of us decided to go see a show. My wife and I had been to Spiegelworld’s other shows Absinthe and Opium and thought the Atomic Saloon Show would be a good choice.

I bought our tickets the night before. The COVID mandates were still in effect, so seating options were limited for the second Wednesday night performance. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to buy three tickets together. I was fine sitting by myself, but as we entered the venue, I politely asked the usher if it would be possible to find three seats together.

The show wasn’t sold out because at the time, Vegas was really struggling to get visitors midweek. The usher went away for about 10 minutes and then came back with a manager. Her and her manager proceeded to move us into a box upstairs and sat us all together. This service went above and beyond!

My thoughts on the Atomic Saloon Show in Las Vegas

If you have never been to a Spiegelworld production like Absinthe or Opium, prepare yourself for an anything-goes, politically incorrect experience. Atomic Saloon Show is a raunchy western-style show where the performers use a slew of unique props from hula hoops to ping pong balls and showcase incredible feats of strength and skill.

There’s a loose story throughout the show, but it’s seemingly unimportant, and a means to transition between various performances. The show features naughty nuns, super-sexy acrobats, raunchy songs, a cute puppy, and a foul-mouthed cast.

One of the things that make Spiegelworld productions so good is the atmosphere they create for their shows. The Saloon is a beautifully crafted theater with two stories. As you enter the showroom, you’ll encounter a dark, intimate saloon bar that offers incredible cocktails, beers, and wines. Once you’re inside the theater, there are bars on both levels of the venue.

If you have enjoyed Spiegelworld’s other shows Absinthe or Opium, you’ll love Atomic Saloon Show! We went to the second show on a Wednesday night in the middle of August. Despite the city having dull energy from high summer temperatures and small crowds, the atmosphere inside the theater was electric.

As you settle into your seat there, the western-style theater brought the crowd to life, setting an incredible mood for the entire show. We ordered a couple of drinks as nuns from the show began walking throughout the crowd. Characters took to the stage for some pre-show hijinks before a singing cowboy took the stage to sing one of the filthiest sing-along-songs I’ve ever heard.

Madam Boozy Skunton took the stage and got the party moving.

For the next 75-minutes, we took a journey through incredible feats of strength, dancing, acrobats, comedy, and so much more. The cowboy who opened the show returned in chaps with his bare-butt hanging out, singing another hilarious song. We saw a nun play the xylophone like no other person in the world. There were tap dancers, hula hoops, a cute tiny dog, and hilarious imposters.

The show is a riot! From start to finish, we laughed. The performers are so talented! Spiegelworld does variety shows like no one else in the world. They have a way of crafting an engaging show even when you see an act that’s not to your liking. I give Atomic Saloon Show two huge thumbs up!

Atomic Saloon Show is a raunchy western-style show where the performers showcase a slew of unique skills and talents. Prepare yourself for an anything-goes, politically incorrect show. Madam Boozy Skunton and her talented band of misfits will dazzle your eyes and entertain you for over an hour in one of the best shows in Las Vegas.

You’ll laugh, you’ll have fun, and it might be the highlight of your Las Vegas trip. The Atomic Saloon Show is at The Venetian. Tickets start at $99 per person–buy your Atomic Saloon Show tickets now before they sell out!

Where is Atomic Saloon Show Las Vegas?

Atomic Saloon Show is located in the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip. Venetian is one of the best hotels in Las Vegas.


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