Potted Potter Las Vegas is a must-see show for Harry Potter fans, as it manages to condense all seven books into a single hilarious 70-minute performance.

You can expect two talented performers who will take you on an unforgettable journey, with their inventive props, elaborate costumes, and amazing stage effects, all while delivering laughs and surprises from start to finish!

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Potted Potter




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Potted Potter

Potted Potter somehow includes all seven Harry Potter books into one jam-packed hilarious show suitable for the whole family. Created by two-time Olivier Award-nominated actors Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner, Potted Potter has performed globally for over a decade and has cultivated an excellent reputation.

For the dedicated Potter fans who know all of the differences between the books and movies, you’ll laugh at the ridiculous parodies these guys perform. And, even if you’re not a die-hard fan, you’ll have a fun time watching Dan and Jeff because they are solid comedians in their own right.

That having been said, there’s a good chance you’ll be tempted to read the books or watch the movies if you haven’t already! Here’s a teaser: fire-breathing dragon, music, live quidditch game, dance, and of course, Hogwarts magic. 

Potted Potter is a slapstick, no-frills production full of references and fresh, wholesome humor—you’re not going for the stage design; you’re going to see Dan and Jeff’s never-ending impressive energy as they riff off of each other for over an hour.

Their performance has undeniable chemistry, and you can tell these clowns are friends off stage, too. The show is a wonderful, entertaining mix of comedy, parody, Harry Potter references, and hilarious obviously-corny props. 

Don’t let the description of it being a “parody” fool you too much, though—it isn’t aiming criticism at the world-renowned series. It is just bringing their own humor to the plot.

They go roughly in the sequence of the seven books, meaning that the cast of two actors embraces many characters (as in literally over 200 of them) throughout the fast-paced show. 

The Magic Attic isn’t too large so you’ll have a good view no matter where you sit—and, Dan and Jeff do a great job bringing their energy into interacting with the crowd. There is, of course, a bar for your enjoyment.

Horseshoe Resort & Casino is located right in the middle of The Strip so you’ll be centrally located after the show. Potted Potter is well-received by Harry Potter fans and others—many tout the show as a unique family-friendly show in Las Vegas.

If you browse the reviews online, you’ll see that many people appreciate the loose ties with the series but overall accessible parody humor: “Definitely a show to see whether you know Harry Potter or not (but my goodness if you know it some of the humor is just so spot-on)! Such a great show!!!”

Another review in the same vein reads: “Potted Potter deviates from the canon but in the most humorous way. We were laughing most of the night, along with the rest of the crowd. The two-person cast bounced from character to character and book to book.” 

If this sounds like it is up your alley, buy your tickets before they sell out—don’t miss this chance to see Dan and Jeff put on a simply hilarious “Unauthorized Harry Experience”!

Are you looking for a fun and affordable show to see in Las Vegas? Potted Potter is the perfect show for anyone who loves Harry Potter. This hilarious parody condenses all seven books into one 70-minute performance. You won’t want to miss this zany and entertaining show that is perfect for the whole family.

With tickets starting at just $49, it’s one of the most budget-friendly shows on The Strip. Purchase your tickets today to see Potted Potter in Las Vegas!

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Potted Potter is located at Horseshoe on the Las Vegas Strip. Horseshoe is one of the best cheap hotels in Las Vegas.



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