Carrot Top Las Vegas is a must-see experience for anyone who loves to laugh. With one of the best comedy shows on The Strip, Carrot Top brings his unique brand of humor to the stage every night.

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Carrot Top




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Carrot Top is an award-winning comedian with wacky and off-color humor that performs at Luxor.

Carrot Top

There are many things about Carrot Top that make him stand out from other comedic acts. Most notably is his use of homemade props.

The comedian is known to bring out large trunks on the stage during his performance, where he stores dozens of funky and hilarious props he uses to enhance his act.

From oddball inventions Carrot Top makes himself to popular fad items like the Shake Weight, the props are only more funny by Carrot Top’s cheeky humor.

If you’re skeptical about prop-related humor, you’ve never given Carrot Top’s 2023 show a chance. He combines his humorous props with perfectly-timed delivery of his silly, witty, and sometimes even raunchy jokes.

Carrot Top performing at Luxor Las Vegas
Carrot Top performing at Luxor Las Vegas

His jokes center around music, pop culture, politics, and other current events. His unique comedy genre has a little bit of something for everyone who comes to Carrot Top’s Las Vegas 2023 experience.

Don’t expect Carrot Top to stand still on stage. Like the rest of his act, the comedian takes a different approach to stand-up comedy with his enthusiastic and contagious energy.

This high-energy coupled with fast-paced movements and stomach-cramping jokes mean there is never a slow moment during the 75-minute show. 

Time will fly by during this show, and you’ll leave feeling both satisfied and like you want more. Don’t worry. This comedic act is scheduled several days a week, so you may have time to catch it again during your time on The Strip.

Carrot Top performing at Luxor Las Vegas
Carrot Top performing at Luxor Las Vegas

Who is Carrot Top?

Scott Thompson, also known as Carrot Top, is an award-winning American comedian with decades of stand-up comedy experience.

He earned the nickname “Carrot Top” from his swimming coach growing up. The name is about his signature unruly red hair that’s become a staple for the comedian.

The nickname stuck with him in the years to come and carried over to his first stand-up comedy performance in South Florida while attending Florida Atlantic University. Fast forward to 2022, and Carrot Top is a name synonymous with comedy.

He’s appeared in several TV programs, movies, performed in thousands of shows on the Las Vegas Strip, and is known for his red locks and unconventional comedic acts.

Carrot Top performing at Luxor Las Vegas
Carrot Top performing at Luxor Las Vegas

Carrot Top Review

I love stand up comedy. There’s something magical about a group of people laughing together and enjoying the crafted jokes of a comic.

I went to see Carrot Top perform at Luxor on a weeknight. I grabbed a reasonably priced beer and walked into the Atrium Showroom.

The theater was pretty full. My seats were near the back, but I was sitting center stage with a clear view. The show opened with another comic doing about a 15-minute routine. Most of the material was clever and funny. It warmed up the crowd. Then Carrot Top was introduced.

Carrot Top performing at Luxor Las Vegas
Carrot Top performing at Luxor Las Vegas

Carrot Top started his set and dove right into his treasure chest of props. Immediately the crowd was howling. It became clear that Carrot Top was on a different talent level than other comics.

Carrot Top is known for his creative props, and he did not disappoint. His material ranged from current events to irreverent jokes to silly observations.

After the show, I made a quick stop at Diablo’s Cantina for a margarita as my wife and I shared our favorite jokes. I would highly recommend Carrot Top to any fan of comedy.

He’s a little wacky, a little off-color, but he’s very funny. It’s one of the best shows in Vegas and my favorite comedy show in town. Considering tickets start at $50, it’s an affordable Vegas show.


  • Carrot Top Las Vegas tickets are reasonably priced, meaning you can enjoy a night of laughter without breaking the bank.
  • Carrot Top is a prop comedian who uses various objects to make his act more hilarious.
  • Carrot Top’s humor is wacky and off-color, but it’s always funny! His unique brand of comedy is sure to get you laughing.
  • Carrot Top puts on an energetic performance that will keep you engaged throughout the entire show.


  • His style of comedy is not everyone’s cup of tea, so if you’re looking for something more sophisticated or subtle, this might not be the right show for you.
  • Carrot Top’s act is largely based on the same props and jokes, with limited variation from show to show.
  • Seats near the aisles may not have a good view of the props/punchlines.
Carrot Top performing at Luxor Las Vegas

How much are Carrot Top tickets?

Carrot Top tickets start at $50 (plus taxes and fees) and go up to $92 for seats up close. You can buy your tickets online at, which is an official box office for Carrot Top’s Las Vegas shows.

Carrot Top Seating Chart

Carrot Top performs in the Atrium Theater at Luxor, which is also home to Fantasy. The theater holds 350 people and is divided into four pricing tiers.

Atrium Showroom Carrot Top Seating Chart
Atrium Showroom Carrot Top Seating Chart

Where is Carrot Top’s Las Vegas show?

Carrot Top is located at Luxor on the Las Vegas Strip. Luxor is one of the best family hotels in Las Vegas.

Directions To Carrot Top’s Show

From The Main Entrance: Head into the main entrance, where you’ll enter the main lobby area. Turn to the right, towards the hotel desk, and locate the escalators. Take the escalators to the second floor. Once you make it to the second floor, continue walking straight. You should see the Atrium Theater entrance lit up on your left-hand side.

From The Parking Garage: If you’re driving to the Luxor and need to park your car in the garage, how you get to the Atrium will look slightly different. After you park, walk across the walkway that leads to the hotel and casino. Once you make your way inside, head up the escalators to the Food Court. That Atrium lies just on the other side of the Food Court.

About Luxor

Luxor Hotel & Casino is packed with great amenities for families and adults. The budget-friendly resort is one of the top cheap hotels on The Strip.



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Luxor Las Vegas is a great hotel and casino for anyone visiting The Strip.

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In addition to Carrot Top Las Vegas, the resort is home to Fantasy, as well as family-friendly amenities like America’s Got Talent Live, Blue Man Group, Hyper X Arena, Bodies… The Exhibition, and Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.

Luxor also has great restaurants like Tender Steakhouse, Diablo’s Cantina, and Public House.

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