Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street Experience is an entertainment epicenter in Downtown Vegas.

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Jeremy Koering

By Jeremy Koering

Updated November 27, 2023

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Fremont Street Experience is a thriving hub in Las Vegas, housing Slotzilla, the top-rated zipline in the city. This bustling location offers free concerts daily on the 1st Street Stage3rd Street Stage, and Main Street Stage.

Adding to the excitement, a mesmerizing light show lights up the area starting at 6pm every night. Throughout the year, the Fremont Street Experience becomes a platform for major touring artists, making it a must-visit for music fans.

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What is the Fremont Street Experience?

As you wander down the streets of Downtown Las Vegas, you can’t help but be drawn to the Fremont Street Experience. It’s a dazzling world of bright lights and exciting activities.You’ll be captivated by the stunning 4-block LED-lit canopy, which stretches high above your head.

But that’s just the beginning. Step onto Fremont Street and let the sights and sounds captivate you: from live bands and street performers to one-of-a-kind special events throughout the year. There’s always something new and exciting happening here in Fremont Street! Whether it’s a great concert, an amazing fireworks show, or even a bunch of santas running, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

And if that wasn’t enough, the experience is home to the original Las Vegas casinos and hotels. This is where Las Vegas started. You’ll find plenty of restaurants and bars, it’s easy to make a night out of your visit to Fremont Street.

Freemont Street Experience Light Show

The world’s largest video screen is located in Las Vegas. Viva Vision is a massive 90-foot wide screen that stretches 1,375 feet along Fremont Street.

In 2019, the massive screen was renovated for $32 million which dramatically improved the quality of the shows.

Today, it has 16.4 million pixels with 49.3 million energy-efficient LED lamps. Accompanying the screen are 600,000-watts of concert-quality sound that blasts music across Fremont.

Viva Vision opened in 1995, a year after Fremont Street turned into a pedestrian mall. Before the massive upgrade in 2019, the previous upgrade was done in 2004 that featured 12.5 million LED displays.

Tips for Seeing Viva Vision

  • The street performers and musicians are required to stop their shows so people can experience these light displays without any distractions.
  • Police close Casino Center Boulevard during each Viva Vision Light Show so you can walk freely without worrying about vehicles.
  • You can see the show anywhere on the Fremont Street Experience, just step outside the casino to enjoy.

Viva Vision is always on, with programming running 24/7. The popular Viva Vision Light Shows start every night from 6:00 PM, with the last one at 2:00 AM.

The Viva Vision Light Shows begin at the top of each hour and lasts 6-7 minutes each.

The shows feature top recording artists Las Vegas natives The Killers and Imagine Dragons and popular artists like The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, Tiesto, and Shakira.

The performances that are visible during the Viva Vision Light Shows have been a spectacle for all to enjoy.

Things To Do at the Fremont Street Experience

Slotzilla Zipline

If you’re feeling a little bit adventurous, you can test your limits on the SlotZilla Zipline.

SlotZilla is Las Vegas’s first zipline that launches riders from 11-stories high down Fremont Street under the Viva Vision light show.

There are two Slotzilla Zipline options:

Zip-Zilla is a lucky 77-feet high, a seated experience that travels halfway down the Fremont Street Experience to Four Queens and Fremont Casino. 

Super-Hero Zoom is on the upper level at 114 feet in the air. You’ll ride Superman-style all the way down Fremont Street to Golden Gate and Circa. 

Tickets are $59 for the longer, more thrilling ride and $39 for the shorter ride cost $39.

Fremont Street Experience Concerts & Performers

The best place for free live music is at the Fremont Street Experience.

Every day of the week there are free concerts and live music, turning the whole street into one big block party.

A rotating schedule of talent performs each night.

Local favorites like Zowie Bowie, Spandex Nation, Tony Marques Band, Alter Ego, and Rock Steady perform your favorite songs every night.

You’ll hear a wide collection of hit songs from Bruno Mars, Journey, Def Leppard, Jason Aldean, Bon Jovi, and lots more!

Ranging from modern hits to the classics, there’s something for everyone.

On weekends the music starts at 12:00 PM and goes on until 1:00 AM. On weekdays, the schedule starts at 6:00 PM and runs to 1:00 AM.

The Fremont Street Concerts are free 364 days a year. New Year’s Eve is the only ticketed event of the year where you’ll need to purchase tickets.

Fremont Street Experience Stages

There are three stages on Fremont Street with live music and DJs.

Downtown Rocks Concert Series

Every year the Fremont Street Experience and its casino partners put on a free concert series with national touring acts. These concerts are always filled with people, music of all different genres, and an incredible party-like atmosphere.

Fremont Street Hotels & Casinos

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Fremont Street Experience Restaurants

There are so many great eateries and bars at the Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas.

Not only do the casinos and hotels offer great options on Fremont Street, but you’ll also find a wide range of fast food, casual dining, craft kitchens, and bars.

Sit-down options include Dick’s Last Resort, Hennesey’s Tavern, Mickie Finnz Fish House & Bar, Heart Attack Grill, Nacho Daddy, and Denny’s.

Check out Fat Tuesday, Cat’s Meow, and The Nerd for beer and cocktails.

Fast and casual food options include Dirt Dog, White Castle, Tacos & Miches Fremont, and 322 Pizza Bar.

Fremont East Restaurants

Just east of the Fremont Street Experience is the booming Fremont East District.

Here you will find downtown’s trendiest spots. For really good pizza, check out Evel Pie. For unbelievably good thai head to Le Thai.

You will also find The Smashed Pig, Park on Fremont, Eureka!, Sushi Ichiban, and Flippin’ Good Chicken, Burgers, Beer.

If you’re in the mood for cocktails, check out the Downtown Cocktail Room, Corduroy, Commonwealth, The Laundry Room, Lucky Day, and Therapy.

Nearby Restaurants

A block north of Fremont Street, you’ll find Pizza Rock, Sidebar, and Triple George across from the Downtown Grand on 3rd Street.

There’s also a speakeasy at the Mob Museum called The Underground.

Further away, but within walking distance from Fremont Street, popular spots include Carson Kitchen, 7th & Carson, Donut Bar, Atomic Liquors, Vegas Test Kitchen, and PublicUs.

The popular Container Park features one of the top taco shops Pinches Tacos. You’ll also find Waffelato, Bin 702, and Oak & Ivy.


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